FeatureRequest: OSC args for Faders and Textbox

I think i found a great Feature request for OSC/Pilot, because it will improve its OSC capabilities a lot, with -maybe- little effort.
Now, only Buttons have the option to set a specific “Extra OSC ARG”. Would you please be so kind to make this available for Faders and Textboxes, (maybe even knobs) too? :slight_smile:
this would mean alot, because, for example, OSCPilot is then able to show the volume-meter-output of Ableton Tracks!
Here’s what AbletonOSC is sending out to OSCPilot, but which cannot be used to actually move the beautiful OSCPilot Faders :cry::
RECEIVE | ENDPOINT([::ffff:]:11000) ADDRESS(/live/track/get/output_meter_level) STRING(0) FLOAT(0.5189064)

So, this is the adress /live/track/get/output_meter_level
And these are the arguments: String 0 (could also be an Integer, 0 means selecting Track 1 in Ableton) Float 0 up to 1 (this is the Output meter, which could look really beautiful in the fader. And below the fader there could be a decibel text box showing the decibels then :wink: )

Since i m a noob with programming, my thinking is “this should be easy, like copy&paste the code for extra osc arg from the buttons to the faders and textboxes” but although i hope it would be that easy, i really don’t know :slight_smile:

I think you are asking for the opposite of the EXTRA OSC ARG feature, which controls what OSC/PILOT sends out. Instead you want to be able to control how incoming arguments are decoded.
This is now available in a pre-release build, here:

1.10.1 Pre-Release
May 7, 2023

This is a pre-release build, it may contain new bugs and should only be used for testing.
Available at:
Windows: Dropbox - OSCpilot-Installer-1.10.1.exe - Simplify your life
macOS: Dropbox - OSCpilot-v1.10.1.pkg - Simplify your life

New Features

  • Add ‘CUSTOM IN ARGS’ ability for most widgets. This allows for more complex OSC messages to be parsed/received by the widgets. For example if the argument you want to drive a widget is the 2nd one, you can skip the first. Also for widgets that allow extra things to be set such as the text/color, you can include multiple selections in a single message. To use this put a space-separated list of characters that describes the message format coming in. Value values are:
  • ? - Ignore this argument
  • # - Use this as the value argument
  • T - Use this to set the Text (for widgets that support it)
  • C - Use this to set the Color
  • R - Use this to Set the Read-Only property.

? # T
Means ignore the first argument, use the second one as the value, and use the third one to set the text.

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tim and eric universe

Wooow, i will take a little bit to process this. Looks amazing!! Thanks alot! :smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

I m currently testing setting Clip Colors in Bitwig,
which is working fine outgoing from OSC/PILOT. It looks like this:
red button

But when i want to receive Colors into OSC/PILOT to change the widget color, it doesnt work.
I tried different “custom in ARG” combinations like ? C C C , or just C
change button color
The incoming message has the rgb(x,x,x) format like this:
ADDRESS(/track/selected/clip/1/color) STRING(rgb(217,46,36))

Could you please help me making it work? :smiley:

Does my OSC/PILOT Color palette have to include every possible color in order for it to work?

Hey Malcolm!

Been using this 1.10.1 pre release on a few projects with AbletonOSC. In the ‘CUSTOM IN ARGS’ field, I can’t seem to assign specific integers as addressable identifiers. Maybe i’m missing something? Or perhaps @Nowiamone has insight here?

I am trying to use the ‘/live/clip_slot/get/has_clip’ to see if there is a clip in the slot or not. So for example i’m looking at clip slots 1 and 2 on track 1.

I have two buttons for sending:

ADDRESS: /live/clip_slot/get/has_clip
OSC OFF/ON:empty

ADDRESS: /live/clip_slot/get/has_clip
OSC OFF/ON:empty

AbletonOSC reads these correctly:
track 1, clip_slot 1
track 1, clip_slot 2

AbletonOSC sends back 3 messages:
INT 1, INT 1, BOO True
INT 1, INT 2, BOO False
(the boolean values translate as 0/1.0 without issue)

So I have two ‘read only’ buttons:

ADDRESS: /live/clip_slot/get/has_clip
OSC OFF/ON: 0/1.0

ADDRESS: /live/clip_slot/get/has_clip
OSC OFF/ON: 0/1.0

The buttons both react to the 3rd argument regardless of what the first two arguments are. How can integers in the ‘CUSTOM IN ARGS’ field be interpreted as idetifiers as if they were part of the address so the widget knows to respond to it? Or is that not possible?

Thanks for your time!


Maybe an equals sign followed by the integer?


I just don’t know if its possible to create if/then conditions for widgets from string values

Hey all - I jumped back into using osculator for this, it works like a charm.

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Hello, good you found a solution!
I have to admit, i changed to Touch OSC and Bitwig, and therefore can’t help you with that issue.
I gave up on using AbletonOSC, since i saw how smoothly everything works with Bitwigs OSC Script (by drivenbymoss). And i had to gave up using OSC/PILOT because there were certain functions which only work via scripting. (like transforming rgb format to hex for colors, double-tap buttons, nested pagers with page-changing-buttons, automatic BPM rounding up of the number, etc.)
I’m still interested in Ableton+OSC/PILOT though, and will keep an eye on further AbletonOSC and OSC/PILOT developments :slight_smile: