Can a button change the "Return To" value?


Possible stupid question? I did some searching and found a few similar questions but mostly related to text.

Is there a way to have a button change the “Return To” value of a slider?

I want to turn it on and off & change the behavior without needing another bank of sliders.

Also: Is there any update on a possible iPadOS version?

Appreciate y’all. Thank you!

No way to dynamically control that value yet. In general the ability to adjust everything using other OSC Address is interesting but possibly over-complex for what we’re trying to do here.
iPad version is coming along nicely.

Do you have any suggestions on how to possibly accomplish this without that? Im trying to avoid TouchOSC as the only way to do it is with scripting which is… a bit more complex than I want to do right now lol.

Stoked for iPad version in the future :slight_smile: