Virtual Production Controller

Just reaching out to find out if a few things are possible and if they are being considered. I’m about to pull the trigger on the software, however I’m curious if there is a timeline for the iOS app. I am trying to build a well planned out controller interface for both PC and Ipad to control Unreal Engine.

The next thing I’m wondering, Is it possible for the text widget to receive OSC strings back into the interface to feedback values such as object positions, or intensity levels of something within the world.

Really stoked about this lovely piece of software as it seems to really correct and update the power of OSC. Everything on the market currently seems to be so outdated and lack the support and updates.


No timeline for the iOS version yet. I’m still working on the macOS version, which is coming along nicely though.

Yep, you can just send an OSC message to the OSC Address of the Text widget and it’ll change it’s value. This is often used to give feedback like you mention.

Thanks for the kind words!

Awesome news. If I purchase the windows copy, will I own the iPad application when it comes out?

I can’t say for sure one way or the other for that. We aren’t sure how that will work yet. Thanks for your purchase though!