OSC/Pilot Mobile Apps

Along with OSC/PILOT for Mac, I think it would be really good to have this as a mobile app so that people could use a big iPad/Android Tablet as a touch display while not having to recreate the workspace just for touchosc (which has a horrible editor as it is).


Yep, that’s also on the list. iOS will come first since macOS dev is largely the same, but Android later on.


such incredible software!

I’m a lifelong Lemur user so this is particularly exciting for me. The Mac beta is working very well on the M1. Can’t wait for the iOS version.

You, sir, are a true G.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m working on some other general features for a bit such as MIDI input, so no movement on the iOS version yet.

@malcolme I appreciate the updates on mobile versions, looking forward to trying this on the iPad!

Question: if I buy a license for the current windows/mac versions, will that license apply to the future mobile apps as well? or will that be a separate license/payment?

Although it’s not certain, I’d assume it would be a separate purchase. I would think having a purchase on our own site that gives access to a ‘paid’ iOS app breaks Apple’s ToS for their App Store anyways.

When can we expect a release on iOS?

No timeline yet. I’m going to try to start working on it soon though.

I’m a dummy and bought this not realizing there isn’t an ipadOS version and am now in this thread seeing if that’s gonna be a thing in the future lol.

It’s coming along, I hope to release it in the coming months.

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The beta from of the iOS app is now available on the App Store.

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Awesome thank you! I hope we can edit in app in the future. Appreciate your time in making this happen.

Any news for the Android version ? Plan to use OSC/PILOT on a Xiaomi Pad 5

No plans for the Android version. I doubt one will be made honestly. Sorry

Too bad, thanks for the info. Anyway, thanks for developing such an app, it’s a pure pleasure to use it for live shows!