Individual slider addresses? and more

This may be a feature already, and I simply could not find it, so please forgive me, but it would be really handy to have multiple parameters able to be addressed to a bank of faders.

I.e. a mix console where slider 1 is channel 1, slider 2 is channel 2, and so forth.

Also, a useful feature to have would be to enable/disable or add/remove sliders based on the number of channels one has in a program.

For example, if I have 8 channels in ableton i would get 8 sliders in OSC/PILOT, but if I change that number to 16 or 24 the slider bank changes accordingly.

are you doing this with midi? or OSC? because midi would be increasing cc or note values… unless youre using an OSC “midi remote script” in ableton.

OSC. I’m actually using this to control Figure53’s QLab, so this may just be a limitation of their OSC dictionary.

I’m not sure I’m 100% following what you’re looking to do in the first request. If you drag down individual sliders to make your own bank, you should be able to map unique parameters in each slider. Sure, it’s not as quick as dragging down a bank, but it should get you to where you’re going. I thought about the same thing with the bank, it’s a trade off of it being handy to make a bank of 16 sliders, but making your brain twitch trying to program them if they all have unique characteristics.

Regarding the dynamic number of sliders, it’s not really easily possible to do that. The way OSC works is that the host sits in solitude and then blasts out an update like “SLIDER 16 IS AT 255 NOW. K. THX. BYE!” And the listener just maps and accepts that. There isn’t a handshake that says “Hey, I have 16 sliders, so throw them up on a screen and update them when I tell you to.” There would have to be a separate handshake between OSC/Pilot and each program to handle that and it would be a pain in the ass to handle.