Are there local actions on the interface to change midi cc’s interactively?

Like, say on my template I would like to have 2 buttons that change what a fader will control. I was thinking if the button could change the cc # that the fader is sending. Is this possible, or is there another solution I am not thinking of?

Currently there is no way to dynamically change settings like that. It seems like this could be doable though if I added more custom OSC addresses you can send to, which controlled other parameters in the widgets such as their CC values

Thanks so much for the response Malcom. I see what your saying. Changing the functionality of the widgets on the fly would really be a game changer, for me at least. It’s the only limitation I see.

I was also wondering if there was a way to program such a thing from the user side like a hack, but I’m guessing by your response that probably not. I’m pretty sure I can do this on the daw side, Ableton in my case, but I think I’d have to use a max for live device, and the idea of using an m4L device in my live set gives me heartburn.

I have a setup using push and a couple fader banks, but I currently have need for an ultra portable setup, and am trying to control a bunch of stuff on one page.

I’m just realizing in typing this… I could probably use multiple workspaces, which repeat the controls I want to stay the same and have different mappings for the controls I’m trying to switch up.

Someone tell me this is sound before I spend hours on this Lol! It’s addictive I’m going to do it anyway.

Hello, the idea with several workspaces is correct. I have created some “switching buttons” already for similar purposes. they switch the workplace, to a workplace which is basically a copy of the first one, with just tiny differences :wink:

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Thanks, yeah it’s working for me. In retrospect this is probably a more stable method as well, as everything is set for the whole performance.