ADDED: Button that changes Workspaces

Hi OSC Pilot team, i know the point was already requested from an other user, but i did not understood your answer. So I hope its not a problem to open this topic one more time and explain my wish.
I wish to have a button with the functions same as the buttons have now (Midi out and OSC out/in) but additionaly with the possibility to jump into a definable workspace. I think with this it should be possible to create banks and to jump between workspaces triggered internaly via osc pilot or externaly via a hardware controller. I hope my explanation is understandable. However, thanks that you and deadmau5 released the program.

Meanwhile, the changeable workspaces via button and midi is my project killer, means the last thing I need to finalize my lightroom project.
I am now able to adjust picture develop settings directly in lightroom, or via osc pilot, or via my x-touch mini controller, and all encoders or buttons show the correct status. At least for my test setup. Difficulties I had with osc to midi translation and with the midi routing because of the lightroom Plugin midi2lr. I hope Malcolm you can make my wish happend. Thanks.

In this forum post:

I suggest one possible workflow I’m considering for this. What are you opinions on it? I’m trying to avoid an explosion of options and widgets for all cases, so something like this loopback method may allow for existing buttons to send quite a few different messages without lots of new parameters.

I like the loop back method. I know you’re doing your best to not make the UI clunky, maybe instead of a separate dialog input for a loop back option, you could make a specific tag that OSC/pilot checks for that makes it loop back. Like /loopback/tag or /tag*?

Also, am I high? I can’t seem to get the /workspace/select to respond to osc. I’m assuming the tag I need to send is /Workspace/Select/4 where the digit is a float. Am I missing something?

The OSC Address should just be /Workspace/Select, then send a float or int of 4 as it’s value.

Here’s a clip of me trying it on 0.98.4. This is a fresh run on the demo layout. The IP address in the settings is my local address on the network. The loopback seems to be working on the sliders, but when I try to loopback the button, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to send the same command from TouchOSC and it doesn’t want to respond either. Maybe it’s expecting an int and ignoring floats? Or am I missing something glaringly obvious?

To my second post above!
Now an other issue kills my project. I also send hotkeys via midi to Lightroom, which is only possible if lightroom is the foreground/main application window.
But as soon as i touch my second monitor which is a touch screen with OSC Pilot on it, lightroom became the background application. Therefore all buttons i prepared with hotkeys dont work.

I need to completely edit my post! Now I understand your suggestion.

Hi Malcolm, I tried now to switch the workspace via my hardware controller. Means, I translate from midi to OSC and send the command workspace/Select as integer 1. This works fine in both modes, playmode and working mode. But to loop the OSC signal from osc pilot, directly with osc pilot nor via an additional software (OSCMatrix) works. See picture below. Please take also a look to the movie above from ctbrahmstedt, thanks

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That’s interesting, I’ve never actually tried a loopback that way. I’ll dive more into it soon and come up with a more general solution. Thanks for your patience.

OSC Loopback is now added to the Button widget. Available in the Pre-release build 0.99.1

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