Hi, it seems there is no room to present own projects. Only bugs, future requests or general discussions. Therefore, I post here the status of my project and my experience with OSC Pilot in combination with Lightroom. First of all, my idea was to control lightroom via a hardware controller, the Behringer X-touch mini, and use osc pilot only to visualize the layout from the x-touch mini with button titels. Lastly, to have some additional buttons to control lightroom. I am now not sure if it was a good idea to control lightroom in that way, I think it could be easier and cheaper with a tablet and for example the app touchosc. Yeah, I know it’s not the right purpose for OSC Pilot to control Lightroom. However, now there is no way back. I think, I found for all my problems which I had a solution except the workspace toggle via button in osc pilot. Which I think is a bug. And finally, I am not sure how my system resources and lightroom gets affected at the end. Because the test setup contains only one button and one encoder. At the moment I just virtualized the first x-touch layout.

… Soft- and Hardware I use:
1.Touchscreen Monitor, 10,1 inch (could be at least one size bigger)
2. Hardware Controller “Behringer x-touch mini”
3.Software Controller “OSC Pilot”
4. For midi signal routing and to send keystrokes or change midi signals “Bome Midi translater”
5. To translate from OSC to Midi and vice versa, or to loop OSC back, “OSCMatrix”
6. Lightroom Plugin “Midi2lr” - testversion, the official version occupies all midi ports.
7. Lightroom 9 on Windows 10

Thanks for sharing that! Ya, a way to move between workspaces with a button will be in the next release I think. I just need to figure out the best way to expose that

Aaaaargh! My project file gets damaged. Failed to load!
Today I played with my Layout. I TRIED to understand OSC Loop messages because I didnt want to request something what is maybe not reasonable.
So, I send from my hardware controler Button-1, depending of the Buttton state pressed or released, the OSC adress:/Workspace/Select integer 1 or 0 . Similar I did with Button 2, just send integer 2 and 0. In OSC Pilot i set same adress settings to 2x Buttons. The signal was Routed in/out - 8002/7002 via OSC Matrix.
So the outcome was, i was able to switch workspaces between 1 and 2 via the hardware buttons. Also Button-1 lights up in OSC pilot correctly, but when I switched to workspace 2, both buttons lights up. Hmm, due the damaged file i was not able to verify my settings. However, nothing happend while pushing the buttons on the touch screen in osc Pilot (which i mentioned already).
But, if two Buttons have the same osc adress, for example “play”, both lights went up. So OSC Loop works, just not with Workspace/Select.
At the end, and i dont know why, all my labels lost its text which i didnt recognize, and i saved the shit. And now I cannot open the project file.
On workspace 2 i had a copy of all the buttons from workspace 1. Can this cause problems? Because, my intension was to use 7 workspaces which are nearly Clones, just the titles are different. It means, when i rotate my hardware encoder, theoretically the encoders on 7 workspaces will be rotated too. Does this crash the system. I hope its understandable what I write here.

Nothing you said sounds wrong, you’ve just likely ran into a bug. If you can share your .plt file I can try to get it opening again for you.

It would be nice if you can try to open it. It seems here i am not able to post it, therefore i uses e-mail.

Thanks, I’ve added .plt to the allowed attachments and I’ll take a look at your file this weekend.

Hi, today I tried to reproduce the problems which I had last night with a small scale setup. Now I changed the Midi to OSC routing and everything works. I am able to switch between workspaces via button in osc pilot or with my hardware controller. The problems from yesterday was that
1.OSC data stream is also active while working in editing mode. So, I copied many buttons and Textblocks and did not change the OSC address. During testing I erased somehow the Titel in one of the Textblocks and automatically I deleted all Titels on Textblocks with same OSC address.
2. Due the first point it makes now no sense for me to send with a Button from Pilot directly the OSC Adress /Workspace/Select and loop it back. Because if you use more buttons with same address than all buttons light up.
Here a quick video of the working setup.

… and here a picture of the routing which I tested above. I am not yet sure if this routing cause problems

The bug that caused the file to not be openable is now fixed. It was because the widget got set to infinity somehow (from an external OSC message maybe). I now handle that case better.

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Good point, I think if I add a Loopback mode to the widgets I’ll have to have them ignore any incoming messages.

… how can I answer to your Post so that your Post is also visible in my POST? Everytime I answer (from my phone) to a post then iIl see only my one.
Regarding my crashed layout, thank you very much for repair . Yes, infinity loop sounds reasonable because the programm from where I sends the OSC crashed also and I needed to re-install it.