Solid Color Buttons?

Hi I just installed OSC/Pilot and Reprogrammed my touchpad commands I had from Open Stage Control To it!! Working Great Love It. Is there any way we could have options to have buttons be colored and not just boarders? Like in Picture I uploaded? Also is there a way to have the Screen selections on screen even when not in edit mode? maybe have option of placing them at top of screen?
I’m Really excited to dive into this program

Thanks for the suggestions! No plans yet to add more ways to customize the look of things, mostly focusing on functionality.

For moving between workspaces, you can use the OSC Loopback feature of Buttons to send an OSC message back into OSC/PILOT to tell it to change the workspace. Check the documentation for more details about that (I explain it there)

A workaround is to use a small image file that is solid colour the same as the border of your button. Put it over the button → send to back, then make the Opacity of the button 0 so the image shows through. This should only take a few minutes in your favourite image editor to create a few files that match your colour scheme.

Hope this helps…

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Great idea thanks !!!