Setting Dial Color via OSC

Hi, Just came across OSCPilot last week while looking for alternative Interface for TouchDesigner.
So far it is Great and offers many advantages over Touchosc.
But came across a couple issues.

We are trying to change the color of a dial (and slider). We believe to have the syntax right as we can change the color of the dial, as long as it is 0,1. But if we try color 2,3,4,5 or anything else, it doesn’t change.
We are able to change the FontColor to other colors, but just not the Dial.

Also for labeling of the buttons (multiple row/column), I only see the possibility of naming every button the same thing, ideally each button could have unique name, but it would be great to just the name+index. Cam1 Cam2 Cam 3, etc. We can use a label for each button, but if we change the # of columns, we have to move around and resize the labels as buttons. Are we missing something?

Long term, be great if we could send OSC values to set xy position & size via TouchDesigner…

Thank you!!!