Changing button text name via OSC message

I remember seeing this on the forum somewhere but cannot find after 20mins of searching.
Is it possible to change button text via an OSC message sent to OSC/Pilot ? If so, what’s the syntax?
Many thanks!

I would also love to have this feature. The syntax for changing parameters of widgets is

/[OSC Addrs]/OSCpilot/[parameter to change].

The OSCPilot Docs gives a few examples of what parameters can be changed but it doesn’t look like the “Text” parameter is included. I also tested to see if sending “/test/OSCpilot/Text=“Changed”” would work and it didn’t seem to.

Below is the info from the docs. Devs, feel free to correct me if I’ve misunderstood anything.

Along with sending and receiving values over each widgets OSC address, some widgets also have extra OSC addresses available to control other aspects of their look. These extra addresses are composed from the base OSC address for the widget, appened with ‘/OSCpilot/’ followed by the setting to change. All widgets support controlling their Color and Opacity. So for example to control the opacity of a widget that has /slider1 as it’s OSC address via OSC you’d send a value between 0-1 to /slider1/OSCpilot/Opacity.
‘Color’ should be an integer value, selecting the 0-based palette index of the color you want the widget to take on.
‘Opacity’ should be between 0-1.
Sliders, Pads and Buttons support ‘ReadOnly’, which should be a boolean or 0/1 integer to control the Read-only state of the widget.
Label widgets support ‘FontColor’, which is the 0-based palette index of the color you want the font to use.

You can change the text of a Label widget by sending a message to it’s address directly, as that is it’s ‘value’. No way to change a Button widget’s label yet, but ya it’d be nice if this is build up more to accept more settings to be controlled.

Thankyou both! I think for this specific case a label widget will suffice for me. Will try this for sure. Thanks!