Requests from an LD

Ah ok, so it responds the same to a Note On as it does a Note Off, got it.
What I’m struggling with is trying to avoid an explosion of parameters to match every possible usage case. Let me think about this more.

So I figured out a work around without you having to send a separate note for the off message. First I realized you already put a spot for MIDI Note velocity on all the buttons, thank you. So if anyone is trying to do this in the future the key is to have the note velocity connect to the sequence fader. This way the velocity tells the sequence whether it is ON or OFF.

@malcolm Could you add an option to a button that disables “Send on release”? That way when a button is pressed/released only one command is sent.
TouchOSC has this option, both enable/disable “send on press” and “send on release”.
I think this would solve CassLD’s problem while having a lot of flexibility to other features. Even better, it could be dealt with on the button layer rather than the MIDI/OSC layer to give the feature to both.

I was thinking of making it so if the OSC Off or OSC On fields are empty, nothing is sent for the OSC case. Maybe this can be expanded for MIDI as well

Brilliant, I think that could work.

This is now available in Pre-release build 0.99.1


Just want to confirm, is OSC loopback still working for you? I’m having trouble switching workspaces now on 1.1.1 yet it was flawless on 0.99.

Sorry I’ve been all swamped in another project. I’ll check it out today and get back to you soon.


Yep you’re correct. I’ve just posted build v1.1.2 which fixes it. Thanks for the report!

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Not quite want you wanted for #8, but the ability to pin all widgets in a workspace is available now:

Just getting back into this. I see the loopback checkbox but what would the syntax be in the osc address box? I thought it would be /workspace/30/ but that didn’t work.

Lots of progress on the software since I’ve opened it. Running my first show on it this week.

Can someone help me understand how multiple monitors work. I have a large multiple monitor system and every time I start the software it seems to open on different monitors and I’m not sure how to change it.

The OSC address you want to use is /Workspace/Select, and the value you want to send it is an int with the workspace number. You can get more info about it in the docs here:

But let me know if anything isn’t clear and I’ll be happy to expand on the docs.

Great, I’ll try to expand the help a bit more to make this clearer.

Hey Andy, those were posted by you, I didn’t post those. If you replied to the email discourse sent you when I posted to this thread, then the contents of your reply is posted to the thread.
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I’ve just posted a new pre-release build that has tweaks to how the window position/size is saved per-project/per-machine. Let me know if this works any better for you:

That version works great for me but how do I stop it from loading in fullscreen?

If you close it in non-fullscreen, it should load up in non-fullscreen. Is that not happening?

Not sure how to answer that at as I don’t know how to load it in anything but full screen. That why I asked the question. Is there something in the documentation im missing about screen options?

Ah, ya you use the ‘expand arrow’ button in the bottom right of the UI when you are in Edit mode. Next to the palette button. I’ll update the docs to mention this.