Request: Endless Knob / Jog Wheel

First off, I love OSC Pilot. My workflow is not typical of MIDI devices, I am using them for interfacing with CAD programs and with Unreal Engine. I have harnessed the endless knobs on an APC40 and MidiFighterTwister for accessing adding and subtracting increments as opposed to a linear output. I’d like a round knob that could do the same function. Examples:

One knob, “Tempo” on the APC40MKII is different than the others, it sends a step signal out, turn it clockwise a CC 64, counterclockwise CC 62, (or similar), it can be rotated endlessly, sending out a stream of the same CC.

The MidiFighterTwister (MFT) is more interesting, depending on the velocity of the rotation, it is centered on (as I recall) 63 and sends clockwise signals from 64 to about 83 and counterclockwise from 62 to 48. They call this “ENC 3FH/41H” I can use this to add to a value and get a huge range with very fine adjustment plus and minus. Tuning camera focus for example in Unreal.

I can simulate this velocity sensitivity MFT knob on the general APC knobs by having one part of the program read the values and another part of the program writing the knob back to the center 63 setting.

This depends on rotation in an endless circle.

I could imagine a OCS Pilot implementation to be:

  1. ‘float value per 360 rotation +/-’ in OSC, and number of increments per 360 for MIDI to send a static +/- CC per increment. Similar to the APC. Classic jog wheel.

  2. MFT style where the indicator is constantly seeking the re-center itself and the faster the knob is spun, the higher velocity delta OSC signal or CC is sent.

Hope this makes sense. I have attempted relative dials in OSC Pilot, but they do not have the same feel.

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