Radio-button index to data 2 value instead of midiCC offset?

The radio-type button takes up a lot of midiCC numbers, while it basically just selects one out of several states, which would rather be like a slider-position sending it’s position over a single midiCC. Would it be possible to add this as an option?
Or perhaps it would be more useful to add this to the slider as an option, where the visualisation would appear as a row of buttons (steps parameter then sets the size of the button row).

Do you mean instead of sending a different CC #, it sends the same CC# but with a different value?

yes, so if it has 16 buttons, it would send value 0 to 15 over the selected midi channel.
Or perhaps, even better, as you can set the max value, divide this value in equal steps. This way it can also be used as a stepped control for sliders. Both would be fine with me as I program my own circuitboard, but I’m not sure what is mostly used by hardware synths to control switches and of course it should fit the needs of most people.

For the toggle button-matrix, perhaps it might be possible to send the toggles as bits of midiCC.
So each midi-CC would carry 7 bits/7buttons of the matrix. But that’s kind of a personal thing I could use, I don’t think there are many synths out there that would have controls that work nicely with this, except that you could enter values bit-wise with a 7-button row for single controls.

But this might be something to think about. To make the controls more customisable in the program, so people can build controls that really fit the parameter(s) to be controlled. As there are more and more circuitboards coming out that you can program yourself, more people will have different needs in the way they control their parameters.

Two of my first designs for controlling my axoloti. Upper one for controlling a gate sequencer and lower one for controlling an ifft-based synthesizer.
I now use touchdesigner to forward midi coming from the axoloti, that updates the screen visuals to show active gates of the sequencer and recording position and record off/on.
Except for the preset selection and save/load function on the upper sequencer (not coded yet), everything works and communicates with the axoloti forth and back.