iPad Scaling Issue

Hi there, having issues with scaling on an iPad Pro 12.9… no matter how I fit the screen working on the Mac app, it never fits to scale on the actual iPad. Sometimes even though using the same amount of scaling, it’ll come out bigger and sometimes it’ll come out smaller. I’ll post some screenshots as a reference. I’ve been working on a new live set, and I really would love to get this worked out so I can use OSC pilot… thank you!

test 1-15-24 1.plt (143.3 KB)
fuckin test 2.plt (95.5 KB)
1-14-24 test 12.plt (144.1 KB)
fuckin tests.plt (120.6 KB)

Ps apologies for the saving titles :sweat_smile: was just trying to test out as many things as possible

neattttt. This software had so much potential. Oh well back to touch OSC.

Hey, sorry for the delay in responding. The scaling is setup so it fits the largest workspace you’ve created across all of your workspaces. If you make one larger, then the others will scale down.