Mac/iOS - Can't scroll through MIDI ports or Workspaces

I saw that this was an issue previously. I am not able to scroll through MIDI ports on Catalina and similarly, I the workspaces are cutting off to the bottom right of the screen and I can’t scroll through those. Sadly, I just purchased and the software seems unusable because of these issues. Would love some help.

What resolution screen are you using? If you increase the screen space it should fit better for the workspaces at least

currently 4k on desktop and 1080p on iPad

Got the same problem :wink: With Win10 and Win11 Laptop/Desktop

I should have some time to look at this soon.

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Ive been using osc pilot with my windows cubase rig and I cant scroll down in the midi port window. It was not a problem until I ended up with enough midi ports to make my input port unclickable, as it is now at the bottom of over 32 options.