Many MIDI I/O creates UI issue

I have two iConnectvity interfaces, an AUDIO4+ and a MIDI4+, both of which create many MIDI ports. When either of these are in play I cannot scroll to the bottom of the list in OSC/Pilot settings(unless I am missing something). I use RTP-MIDI currently and I can’t see that in my list because the AUDIO4+ is at the top of the UI, but even then the port I would use are further down the list.

It seems a high MIDI port count is problematic for the UI.

Sorry about this. Does it not scroll at all for you? Do you know approx how many devices are in the list?

So sorry I have just realised that it does scroll down the list, it was just the scroller was very thin and exceeded the bounding box of the settings window, making it look like a border of one of the interface elements. It doesn’t scroll with themiddle mouse wheel though. (hopefully you can see the white line in the img below)

Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me approx how many devices it creates? What is your monitor resolution/scaling set to? I’m trying to reproduce the issue so I can fix it, but no luck so far. The bar is always small for me.

1080p screen on a Razer Blade laptop, Windows 10 latest updates.

Each of my iConnect devices quite a few ports. The AUDIO4+ creates I think 13 ports and the MIDI4+ I’ll have to plug in to check but it is more, i think 17 or 18. So if they are both connected it will be over 30 ports.