Bugreport: Midi Settings Window too small

Hi there, dear developers,
sadly, when going to preferences, my MIDI SETTINGS List gets cut off at the bottom. I cannot move through the list via mouse-wheel, via a side-bar, or via arrows-up-down, it seems the list cannot be moved at all. Please either tell me that i missed a setting to see the full list, it’s quite possible since i m a noob. - or please fix the issue :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Hey, sorry about this. It’s been reported before but I had trouble reproducing. I’ll take a look again soon.

no problem, my workaround is disconnecting some midi devices before startup :slight_smile:

to reproduce the problem, you could lend some more midi controllers and install LoopBe and LoopMidi :slight_smile: then you have the clutterisation of the list

Are you on a smaller MacBook? I’ve found that I need to use 3rd party software to change my display from 1440x900(retina) to 2560x1800(native resolution) to get the full interface to show up for O/P. Maybe this info can help with reproducing this Malcolm?

The only way to workaround this bug is:

  • unplugging at least 2 USB Midi-Devices, so that the List will be small enough in OSC
  • startup OSC, select the correct Loopmidi Ports in the MidiSettings
    After that, The correct selection always gets recalled properly, when i unplug 2 USB devices before starting up OSC. But ONLY then. It is ONLY stored for the EXACT list which was active when selecting the in/out device.
    As soon as i have my other 2 USB devices plugged in, and the list therefore changes after OSC startup, OSC has “not selected” as default selection again.
    Thus, Since of course i have (and want) my midi devices plugged in usually, i have to do that workaround each and every day.