Problems on windows tablet when changing UI Scale

I changed the UI scale to fit onto my tablet screen and now no matter where I press it just goes to the quit button, making it impossible to use

Hey, thanks for reporting this and sorry you are having this issue. Can you tell me what your screen resolution is and what your Windows display scaling is set to?
You can go to C:/Users//AppData/Local/OSCpilot and delete the config.cfg there to reset your settings.
If possible can you also post a screenshot of what the UI looks like when it’s in this state? I’ll get this fixed ASAP.

My resolution is 1024x640 my scaling is 125%

the app works great until I change the scale.

I also forgot to mention the problem stars when you start deleting the value in the ui scaling, after you press delete anything you press automatically translates as / which is the bottom right key on my keyboard which also highlights