Setting layout bug

I have a bug here … creating my first button with OSC pilot. the setting screen is… messed up after few mintues of work and redimentioning the windows . it does that . I have to restart the program to resolve the problem

Sorry you are running into this bug! Can you tell me what your monitor resolution is? Does it just randomly coming up with that size after clicking on a random widget, or does it switch over while you are editing the parameters on a dialog?

No problem !
2 monitors . Osc/Pilot run on the second . 1920X1080 for both.
I try to make a “bar” on the left for selecting ableton object like plug or tracks or racks .
Then i resized it and put it into full screen to build the osc/pilot template then reduce it on the left .
Then it happened when i wanted to put OSC/Pilot in fulscreen again. About 10 minutes after using the software. I already had put it in fullscreen then shrink it multiple time .
I use a button over an image … Do not know if it can be that…
…That could be good to have the ability to put an image directly in a button or pad :slight_smile:
but that’s not the problem there :innocent: . thanks !

malcolm, this kind of goes in the same direction as my request to have an option to give a button a solid color background, just with an image as button background instead of a single-colored plane. Maybe it could reduce effort when integrating these 2 options into one.