iPadOS Interface Scaling issues/Request

Have been really enjoying this software compared to my normal workflow with TouchOSC. However my biggest issue currently is that when I create a new Interface on my Mac, it looks just fine and centered on the screen. However, when I send the project over to my iPad, it rarely ever ends up being positioned correctly on the screen and will often scale very weird because it is attempting to place it in the corners/off to the sides of my iPad screen. This also causes UI Elements to be off screen occasionally.

Basically I think it would be a great addition to have “borders” to build inside of when creating a UI for use on iPad. The best example I can give is exactly how TouchOSC does it where you have a specific box that you can place UI Elements into, so you always know how it will be laid out on your touch screen.

While I really enjoy the ‘open’ design of OSCPilot when creating the UI on the same device you will be using it on, this isn’t the most efficient when moving the build over to an iPad.

Thanks for the great work so far guys!

What should happen is that the UI should scale to fit the size of the largest workspace. So as long as you setup your workspaces in a consistent manner, they should all fit.

Are you able to post an example .plt file that is failing to scale properly, and tell me what size of iPad you are using? Thanks for the report.