RESOLVED: Workstations made on the PC version do not fit properly on Ipad

Is it possible to change the PC editor’s aspect ratio to 4:3 to allow me to make full use of the Ipad’s screen? Trying to squeeze a 16:9 interface on to a 4:3 resolution has led to controls being incredibly too small, and the lack of ability to fill more than half of the screen. Any help would be appreciated, and if there is no way to do it, I sure think it would be a good feature to add to the PC version. Anyways, great work to everyone at OSC/PILOT. :stuck_out_tongue:

The layout should fill the iPad based on the largest workspace. Is this not the case? Can you share your file if not and I’ll take a look?

Hello Malcom,

Here I have included an imgur link showing the differences between the screen on my PC and my Ipad. I was able to fix the scaling problem. (my controls are much larger now) but the blank void still persists. I know this is due to my editor being on 16:9 and the ipad only being 4:3, was just wondering how I could fill this space. Thank you!

Oh, it appears it has embedded the first photo. I have also included a picture of my Ipad’s screen if you click the link and check the other picture included. Each picture should also have a somewhat detailed description of what I am talking about.

Right so if you create a 4:3 layout of widgets, they will fill the iPad screen. So create your layout without using the right portion of your PC monitor such that the area you do fill up is 4:3, and then that’ll get stretched to fill the iPad display properly.
Let me know if you still have issues

Thank you malcom!
Everything is working as it should. I appreciate you helping me out. :slight_smile:

also, is it possible to get vertical text?