Ios screen rotate option

Unless I’m overlooking something (as I’m not a Mac user) is there a way to run the application in portrait mode on iPads? If not, can we develop that option? And are there any plans for an Android app?

Currently the software only runs in landscape mode. Currently there is no plans to add portrait. No plans for Android either currently. Sorry

Thank you for the info Malcolm <3
Maybe an easier solution would be to request a rotation function for each widget? This way I can just build everything out with a 90 degree rotation on the widgets? Would it be possible to request this or a way for the app to rotate (following the screens rotation)? I purchased this to use exclusively on my iPad mini for the form factor but it has to be in portrait mode for my setup to work. Right now i’m kind of sitting on a potential great piece of software with no way of using it. Thanks <3

That currently isn’t planned. There are a few features I need to get to in the near term. Right now the iOS app is meant as a free companion, and indeed it’s only meant for landscape.

Copy that. Thanks for the update. I think I’ll just pocket OSCpilot for the time being and use TouchOSC. Could you please lmk if/when this can be ran in portrait and I’ll dive back into it then <3
I think just exposing a variable for the rotation param for each widget (assuming this is c++) wouldn’t be too hard to do (if that’s the aesthetic and style you’re after?)

Hope everything has been going well for ya lately.