FIXED: Inspector position

So far this is awesome!
One problem I’m hitting when using on a surface pro laptop is even when scaling the UI, the inspector panel says [No widgets selected]. This is covering up the top line from buttons etc so it cuts off the elements.

It would be great if that panel could be dragged about or repositioned in corners quickly. or the top line elements scale with the UI.

Hey can you post a screenshot just so I can see how your output is laid out? I’m thinking a way to kick the inspector down to the bottom right is a reasonable solution.

Thanks Malcolm, see attached.

I’m having the same issue and can’t add keys sliders or buttons etc while using an ipad pro 12.9 in as a multi-touch display via duet.

even if it were possible to temporarily hide the inspector while selecting new UI elements it would be pretty usable.

interesting, i didnt even think of using this on duet… pretty neat temp solution until an iOS version is ready. Didnt think that would even work… but yeah, i see the issue with the inspector, we put a note in. thanks!

a cheap workaround tho for now, you can move the window to your main monitor /edit / then drag back via duet i suppose.


Thanks for the response!

I have been dragging over to my 4k display to edit and it works great.

Duet has 3 and 4 finger proprietary gestures on all releases so it caps multitouch to 2 touches, which sucks.

Currently researching other ipad solutions, but my pc laptop handles 10 touches like a dream.

Thanks for putting this thing out!

In the next build that dialog will be hidden when no widget is selected. That’ll keep it out of the way of the widget palette for now. We can see if another solution is needed going forward.