Feedback from the widget that gets incorrect values

There is an issues with feedback where Address is used to receive position and cc to set value

So you are sending OSC feedback to the widget from another app ya? That’s what the reset button does? Offhand I’d assume this behavior is coming from further feedback setting those values. If you hit reset, and then turn off your other application, does the issue still occur?

Well basically im monitoring absolute position and sending that position to eq2/int 1000x every 1 second i believe,and to update that value I have to send to CC it, Reset button clicks on ableton midi clip that has stored default positions of the plugin. Sometimes even after clicking the reset button one out of 8 dials stays the same and it takes around a second to correct itself. What do you mean turn off your application?

I mean close Ableton after hitting reset, does the issue keep happening?

I’m getting feedback from Ableton script

Right, the most likely reason for this behavior offhand is issues with the script sending the feedback. Hard to tell from here though…