Pad val Y top bug

When pad val Y top switched from 0-127 to 127-0 this happens, same with sliders.

You are referring to the highlight that pops in the bottom of the pad right? The values you are getting out seem solid though right?

Do you have some sort of feedback going to the Pad coming back in that could be setting the value to that? Does this happen if OSC/PILOT is the only app running?

At the moment Im waiting for 11.6.1 big sur update, 11.6.0 update ruined feedback for me, now feedback crashes oscp, perhaps they did some security fixes for IAC and messed it up.

I managed to fix my feedback issue with ableton 11.11 update.
I do have feedback going to the pad, I noticed that if pad value Y is set to 127-0
then the slider goes to the right direction, but this pad dot still gets teleported to the bottom.