RESOLVED: Pad Y axis flipped in Reaktor?


I get strange behaviour of OSC/Pilot in Reaktor with XY pad - the Y axis is flipped, I mean that when I move my finger up on a pad in OSC/Pilot, the cursor goes down in Reaktor.

X axis works as expected: a move to the right in OSC/Pilot moves the cursor in XY in Reaktor to the right. If I use the same CC number with a fader or a knob, it moves in the same direction. I checked incoming CC values via Controller In module and it receives opposite values form OSC/Pilot: zero when my finder is on top of the pad in OSC/P, one when I move it to the bottom.

Shouldn’t it work that 1 is on top of the pad and 0 on the bottom?

Does anybody else experience that?

I have latest Reaktor, Win10 with loopbe1.

Stupid me, this is how the pad works: " A two value widget, will send a value for the X and Y position pressed. The top–left is 0,0 and the bottom-right is 1,1."

Why is bottom 1?

Isn’t XY usually represented by the upper right quadrant, so bottom-left is 0,0, not 0,1?

It’s arbitrary if 0 is at the top or bottom. Some systems use 0,0 as the top-left, others use 0,0 as the bottom left. You should be able to swap the direction by switching the Low and High values around for the Y direction though

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Yes, 0 is arbitrary… but anyway, I find it a strange choice to make top left 0,0… Anyway, it’s easy to deal with it in Reaktor, just something I have to remember to do when setting up Pilot :slight_smile:

When programming graphics (eg buttons) I consider 0,0 to be top left and 100,100 to be bottom right,
like screen coordinates go from top left to bottom right.

But when using a XY controller I would expect it to behave like 2 standard horizontal/vertical sliders:
left 0, right 1
bottom 0, top 1

Yeah I totally get that way of looking at it. I think at the time it was designed to match up with things like the button/slider matrix, where the ‘lowest’ slider it at the top left. Probably the OSC range values can be changed to be labeled top/bottom/left/right, which will at least make it more clear, and possibly I can change the defaults for new ones that are created.

I think for consistency with the Matrix widgets, I’m going to leave the defaults as 0,0 == upper left. If you want 0,0 == lower left, you can just change the OSC values for the TOP/BOTTOM settings to be what you want. I’m also going to add controls for the MIDI velocities/values for this as well.