Pad Solution: Display current XY

Have expanded the previous solution of pad combined with axis sliders. Pad is linked (through Processing) with updating individual sliders and underlaid transparent read-only sliders for pad indicators.

The stack of elements is a small chore to manage, but the result is worth the effort. Can see the exact position when needed to re-engage the XY pads.

Edit: How it is done. The X and Y axis of the pad and the sliders have the same osc address names. A Processing sketch mirrors back the osc string to OSC Pilot.

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This is handled using Processing with the OscP5 library. The OSC pad X&Y messages are sent out and “processed” by the Processing program and echoed back to OSC Pilot. The identical address named sliders then update. Importantly the transparent read-only sliders under the pad also update, giving the nice tracking feel. Updating the individual sliders updates the pads as well.

Processing takes a 0-1 OSC signal, maps it to the variable appropriate value range, formats it into a string, (decimal for numbers under 10, integer over ten), and returns the strings to OSC Pilot for the text labels.

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Used different technique
Good idea! I wonder when there will be an option to disable mouse on mac

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