Smoothed XY Pad

Building an interface for a 3D system. The highlighted area in the image shows the arrived at configuration that works best. An XY pad paired with two sliders, a pad for combined and sliders for individual control over the same variables.

Enabling smoothing on the sliders is great, the action is ideal. I wish there was smoothing on the pads, so they didn’t jump to the new location.

I have tried to bounce back from an external program, the XY pads values to the smoothed sliders, hoping that would get me the same result. However, sending an external OSC command to a smoothed slider results in a temporary deflection then a return to whatever the slider was set at. It seems like the externally setting a smoothed slider should hold that new setting, and smoothly reach it as it currently does.

Lastly, icing on the cake would be to control the speed of smoothing at runtime, send an OSC command to a slider or pad and vary the responsiveness. Or a global address for a one-speed fits all.

Thanks as always.