Reset Faders and Buttons

So I have this huge OSC Pilot file thats a full 32 pages. I’m connecting it to a lighting console and at the end of every song I fire a button on OSC Pilot or the console that resets my showfile back to its starting positions. The problem is I have no way to reset OSC Pilot to its starting position. This means it has widgets on and faders in weird positions still from the last song. I was hoping there would be an OSC command I can loop back but that creates a second issue. Now I have one widget that needs to send more than one OSC Command. Thanks is advance, love me some OSC Pilot!

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This may not be an ideal situation for you but I suggest you look at Chataigne by Ben Kuper. I use it as my OSC Fat Controller as every single OSC app has some kind of limitation I need to get around and Chataigne has been my go to for almost every scenario. It is very powerful, connects to many types of hardware/software and has scripting/variables/sequencer in it. So it is supremely powerful.

You could set up all your show settings as a State or even in a variables list triggered inside a State.

I would be more than happy to show you how to do this if you want (PM me).

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