Copying pages with existing buttons and its values

Is there an option r future plan to copy and paste pages .
I made a page with 60 buttons mapped but I want to duplicate it and don’t want to reenter all the midi messages.
is there a way or future plan o do it?

Also, how can I control to choose going between pages besides swiping?
How can I go lets say from page 1 to 5 without swiping thru?

You can just ctrl-a to select all the widges, ctrl-c to copy them, then ctrl-v to paste them on a different workspace.
You can directly move between pages using the Edit mode (on the bottom), or you can use the OSC Loopback feature to create buttons that will move you between pages. Check the docs for info on that and let me know if you have any questions.

I am trying to assign a button to change the workplaces.
I a not sure what I am missing , followed the instruction, , entered the Osc address:
/Workplace/Select , enables OSC loopback and entered 3 in the On space to go to page 3, nothing happened .What am I doing wrong?

That should work. I just tried with v1.1.2 and it works for me. Can you share your .plt file? What version are you running?

Attachment available until November 23, 2020.

Hi Malcolm,

\I just updated the sofware to 1.1.2 but still have the same problem .Here is the plt file , please take a look.

Is there anything in the setting needs to be changed , osc address etc

Thanks very much,George

Download from iCloud

29.66 MB

Hey George,

This file works fine for me. I got into Play mode and press the button and it moves to workspace 3. It does nothing when you press it? Can you send a screenshot of your ‘Settings’ page?

Hi Malcolm,
Here is the settings page:


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Hi Malcolm,
Did you see anything out of ordinary on the settings page?
Using OSC loopback , does the osc address needs to be specific?

This all looks fine, works on my system if I do the same. What happens if you put -1 or -2 into the On field of the Button. Can you send a video of it? Does the button just do nothing?