Copying workspaces from one .plt file to another?

Is there any way to copy some of the workspaces I have created in one .plt file to another? I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in some files that I would like to re-version in other files with other workspaces. I haven’t been able to figure out any workarounds. I’m hoping I’m missing something simple. Thanks!

You should just be able to ctrl-a to select-all, ctrl-c/ctrl-v to paste it into another one. Does that not work?

Thanks for the reply. I think what you’re suggesting is copying widgets from one workspace to another within the same .plt file. I’m hoping to copy widgets from one .plt file to a completely different .plt file. Is this not possible? I haven’t been successful yet. Thanks!

I can copy/paste between two copies of OSC/PILOT that are open. Does this not work for you? If not, are you on Windows or macOS?

Thanks very much! I knew I was probably missing something obvious. I guess my problem was assuming that I couldn’t have two files open simultaneously. I made two separate installs of the program and now it’s working. Thanks!!!