Workspace/Select with Buttons

Is there a way to have Workspace/Select work with BUTTONS?

The fixed spacing of the BUTTONS widget is perfect for menu bars, but the final /1 /2 /3, etc is not interpreted as a selector.

Missing something or a feature request?

You set the value that the button sends to be the workspace you want it to switch to, not as part of the OSC Address. So leave the address as /Workspace/Select, and then just set the value in the On value parameter.

As I understand, that is the approach for BUTTON.

When I use BUTTONS, a multi-button widget, I cannot control the value for each button, the button goes out as a unique address example: /Workspace/Select/1 /Workspace/Select/2

Am I missing something?

The answer is much simpler for BUTTONS. “A matrix of N by M buttons grouped together”

The address as /Workspace/Select

SINGLE OSC ADDRESS checkbox checked. "The values sent to this address will be the button number last pressed, starting with 1.0 for the top-left button. "

Thanks for the tight programming :slight_smile: