ADDED: Buttons OSC variable number address

New user trying to setup a template for Resolume. I am working on a system to trigger columns. I would like to use the buttons group as opposed to programming a single button for every column. The reason for this is to set the group to toggle, so that the column that I trigger, corresponds on the lit up button on the controller, switching to off as I trigger another column… hopefully this is clear as mud.

The issue: The OSC address works by adding consecutive numbers to the end of the address. In Resolume, however, the address is /composition/columns/3/connect where the column number is in the middle of the address.

Is there a way to set that as the variable parameter in the address currently or am I stuck with creating a button for each and not having a visual cue as to which column is on?


Thanks for your question. Currently there is no way to do this, however maybe I can make the address accept a wildcard * character as a way to choose where the # goes for buttons/sliders. E.g

that would be really nice. If it would also possible to append it to a name like CH2N* (->CH2N1, CH2C2, etc) instead of also adding the “/”, it could save a lot of renaming when using touchdesigner as a midi2osc converter.

Yes, this would be awesome for Resolume using OSC

Currently the KEYS widget uses the format /note_#. I wonder if it was incorrect to use note_# and instead it should have just been /# …

Ok, in the next build I post you can use # in the Buttons and Sliders widgets to choose where in the OSC Address the index ends up. If you use # more than once the index will show up multiple times.