How do I actually type in a Float Value?

Hello !

Could anyone please shed light on how actually to enter a float value?


If I want this set to 50%, how do I write it inside OSC Pilot so that it detects it as a float value? I so far haven’t been able to get it working

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Hey, can you elaborate on your issue? Are you trying to send an OSC message from another app to OSC/PILOT that affects the Opacity of your widget?
Or are you trying to have a widget sent out 0.5 to your other OSC app? What kind of widget are you using?

I am trying to send an OSC message from OSCpilot into Resolume. I want it so that when I press the button widget in OSCpilot, the opacity reverts back to 50% in Resolume.

This is the address for the the layer 1 opacity – composition/layers/1/video/opacity

So how do I set the specific value to 50%? It talks about ‘type tags’ and float values to a get a paramter to a specific value. I’ve attached a picture of where the OSC address is written in Resolume’s UI.

easy fix, just tested it to be sure:

create a button as shown below with the osc tag of the fader you want to return to a value and the value you want to return it to eg: /composition/selectedlayer/video/opacity and an off value of .5 and an on value of .5 with toggle unchecked.

whenever you press it the resolume fader goes to 50% and you can freely control it otherwise.

pretty handy.

Oof that’s juicy

Ahhhh I was running the older v0.96 of the software so I had the older menu controls! Brilliant I’ve just tried it out and it works a charm - so much potential unlocked cheers guys!

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