ADDED: How to send string

Hello there,

Is there any way to send a string instead of a float value ?

Currently there is not. Are you looking to send a string when a button is pressed? I was just thinking about this the other day

Yes exactly trying to make a nice UI for controlling a disguise for VP application J

Any idea ?



And sending an integer ?

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I think I’ll change it so if you put a string in the ‘Off’ or ‘On’ OSC value fields for the Button widget, it’ll send those strings instead of a float.
For integer, do you think it’s necessary? I’d assume most software that is expecting a number will accept either an int or a float for that number.
Look for a new pre-release build in a few days with this new string feature.

I’ve now added sending strings for Button widgets, and also integers will be sent if an int is in the Button field. New build coming soon

Great news thank you


Another questions:

  • Is there a way to have multiple action button ( I would like to do a kind of reset to default values button)
  • Can a fader receive osc back so he’ll ajust to the value of disguise ?



No way to have multiple commands for a button. I think you’d need to have your receiving system run a script, if it supports them.

Yes, you can send back values to the OSC address of any widget, it’ll take on those values

Hello Malcom,

Thank you for the update version really appreciated, it worked for me for the strings but what about the integer, is there a special character, expression to use to send one ?



Just set the value as 1 instead of 1.0, and it’ll send an integer. In general I wouldn’t expect this to make a difference though.