Copy / Paste Bug

Hi, I’m not sure if this problem only exists on my system, but most of the time Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V won’t work (copy / paste). Only Ctrl + A always works. Version 0.98.4

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So, meanwhile I found out, if I use the left cmd button on my keyboard, the copy/paste shortkey mostly do not work, with the right cmd button it works as it should.

I guess you are using an apple keyboard? I’d assume the CTRL keys are what you should be using, unless you have a custom mapping that makes the CMD button send CTRL as Windows interprets it?

No, it’s a Windows machine with windows keyboard. Can the language setting / type of the keyboard cause the issue?

The trick is, on the left side of my keyboard I have to use STRG+C+C to get something copied. Afterwards Strg+V or Strg+A works normally. On the right side it work’s normal all the time.