RESOLVED: Toggle Issue with Keys & Buttons

Hello Malcolm, I hope you are doing well.
I started now to use OSC-Pilot as a midi-pad for cubase and to mix some drum pattern.
I noticed the following behavior, If I press more than one button and hold them down for >20 seconds, they stay pressed. Means If I keep for example 4x Buttons pressed, after 10-20 seconds 3x of them stay pressed. (Toggle function=off!).
I also have this behavior with the keyboard keys. If I use the keys individually on by one or play a chord for short time, that’s no problem. Only if I hold them down longer they stay pressed. So I have to press it again to deactivate them. Is this planned, or does nobody press buttons longer than 10-20sec.?
My computer has WIN10 Enterprise.

Hey, I’m not able to reproduce this on my machine. Can you tell me what your touchscreen model is? I wonder if this is a setting in your touchscreen options that makes a long press stay on?
Does this issue occur for you if you use the mouse to hold down for that long on a button?

Hmm, maybe you are right, it is a very cheap touch screen and does not have a driver or a setting to change this function ( ELECROW SQ101 10.1 Inch 2K IPS 2560x1600 Monitor).
If I press only one single button than I dont have this issue. I also do not have this issue If I press one button via touch screen and one button via mouse. This issue only occure If I keep more than one button pressed via touch screen. Grrr, it’s no fun to play with. I saved money on the wrong place.
Thanks for your help!