Bug midi-note triggering

I’m trying to make a custom dual keyboard for playing the key and notes of a chord in that key, but somehow the response of generating the midi-note info (on/off) differs between mouse-clicks and screen-touches.
-when you click with the mouse, a button goes on and sends out a midi note (as it’s supposed to do).

though, when using the touch screen and pressing a single button, it only responds when releasing it (also on the keyboard). To get it to actually play while holding it, I need to swipe from one button to another or to quickly press twice(though it won’t always respond). But, if I press multiple buttons at the same time, it dóes respond immediately.
But then, if I swipe along the screen with multiple fingers and selecting multiple buttons, the buttons that were already triggered by another finger before the swipe and that are then triggered by another finger during the swipe, will start to retrigger quickly instead of just holding the button. This will keep on retriggering even if I stop swiping, until I let go of the screen.

I’m currently using this version on windows7:

Do you happen to have a Windows 8 or 10 machine to try on? I can’t reproduce the issue here, and technically we don’t support Windows 7. It’s where MS did their first TouchScreen implementation and I think things got better in 8 and 10 too.

no, my windows 10 computer completely crashed (probably burned the processors), so I had to fall back to my old computer which I didn’t upgrade to windows10 when we had the chance (which I should have done…)
maybe I’ll upgrade it now after all, but at the same time, it might be a better idea to just get me a new up-to-date computer…