Button release is acting as a second button press for midi CC

using a button mapped via midi CC# to initiate play function in ableton. It triggers play when I press button, but also triggers play when i release the button which throws everything off.

Is there a way to disable this that I’m missing or is this a bug?

I do not have this issue if I use a midi note instead of CC.

It’ll send a CC value of 0 on the ‘Off’ event. I assume ableton handles that differently than a Note Off that is send for the Note when an ‘Off’ occurs.
Is there any way to make it ignore the CC of 0?

Doesn’t appear to be a way to natively have it ignore the CC of 0

I think you can do that with a Max4Live device or a filter in Bome’s midi translator pro, but it’s probably easier/less moving parts to just use Note# for the play buttons or anything else sensitive to a double tap caused by the 0 value CC.

Ok, I’ll look into adding the ability to control the ‘Off’ value set, including making it send nothing. Similar to how the OSC Off value can be controlled in the latest build