Key Commands In OSC/PILOT

I’m very interested buying OSC/PILOT and I wonder if you guys will add Key Commands in the future updates including Alt Ctrl Shift? Currently using Cubase 10.5/Lemur I’m positive there are many many users in the Steinberg/Presonus/Fl Studio domain that would LOVE this feature.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you asking about expanding the keyboard/text input, or are you looking for ways to send key commands across to OSC receivers?

Thanks for your fast reply Malcom. Sorry if my request was abit confusing. I’m not sure if it’s possible to send key commands from OSC/PILOT to your DAW instead of CC numbers.

Hey Rob, when you say key commands do you mean keyboard shortcuts the DAW accepts, or is this some MIDI terminology I may not be familiar with?

You´re correct, in Cubase we use Key commands ALOT which is the same as Keyboard Shortcuts. Do you think it’s possible to add buttons in OSC/PILOT sending letters,numbers (including CTRL+ALT combinations) to your DAW?

It would depend if the DAW allows for converting OSC messages to a keyboard shortcut. So that would be entirely on the DAW side, probably a feature to ask them for. There isn’t any way for us to mimic an actual keyboard event on the OS since we aren’t a VNC connection.

Although not through the DAW, im sure a Python script can be put together by some means to achieve this.

One would need a functional MIDI python package, and a functional keyboard-shortcut/command Python package. Then the script would be a lot of “if [key_combination_pressed]: [MIDI_CC_signal]” (obviously swapping the bracketed areas for the proper package’s classes).

The keyword is “functional” Python packages. I tried to do something similar with a few packages, so I could use a MIDI button pad to mock some keyboard presses and do some Linux stuff via a shell Python package, but the packages I used didn’t seem to work the way I was intending (or not working at all). I am also fairly new to programming, so maybe I did something wrong.

I’d like to know if expanding on the keyboard input is possible? I’m attempting to use OSC/Pilot with ZoomOSC to run cuts/takes inside zoom and the API requires context that includes spaces, something I can seem to enter into your dialogue box for the OSC address?

Hey, In the latest version I’ve added support for spaces. However OSC doesn’t allow for spaces within the OSC Address itself, so it’s disabled for those. For the strings that are sent though it should allow spaces.