Request: Keystrokes

I know I could do it with some sort of MIDI-to-Keystroke program running in the background, but it would be cool to have the ability to send keystrokes right from OSC/Pilot.

Should cover single keys, combinations like Alt+Strg+E and key sequences like β€˜1b9’.

That would make it possible to build hotkey templates for Ableton Live etc., but also for non-audio apps.

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This would be absolutely amazing

Are you asking for a way to setup key-binding so that combinations will send our MIDI messages?

well what you COULD do is use one of my favorite programs for MIDI: Bome MIDI Translator

you could setup a virtual MIDI port for macros send the MIDI from OSC Pilot and then use BOME to output pretty much any key action, and if you need something that’s menu-based you could of course use AHK or Keyboard Maestro to script

Does AutoHotKey have Midi Input?

It does not but you bind the midi to the a key trigger via bome and then bind that trigger to your script via AHK

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