A question before purchase

Hi, everyone.

After researching this “world”, i came to the conclusion that this product has the greatest potential.
However, It seems limited compared to other platforms (e.g. lemur) but i could be wrong.

Here are the main things I’m looking for:
I need to:

  • Assign midi button (Midi in and Midi out)
  • I need a recording/assign function where presets on the screen can remember ALL the settings currently on the work area and recall other settings as i move from preset 1,2,3,etc
  • I looked everywhere but it seems that scripts can not be used with this program. That seems limitting but maybe I’m wrong. Please inlight me on this.
  • I need the final product to be locked and packed to deliver to a client as maybe an installation file
    In other words, i don’t want him to download any software in order for them to use this

Is this possible?

Hey, thanks for your questions. Answers in-line:

Currently you can only do MIDI Out. MIDI input is not yet supported. We are considering adding it though.

The closest thing we have to a preset system is the different workspaces. There is no system to re-assign behavior to all the widgets on a given workspace on demand.

That is correct, there is no scripting supported. The idea with this product is to keep it simple, without it expanding into a huge complex application.

This isn’t possible right now. They would need to purchase and download OSC/PILOT to use your .plt file.

Thanks, let me know if you have any other questions at all!