BOME Network \ iOS \ Two iPads

Hi! i need to connect 2 iPads, on the 1st is OSC\Pilot and the 2nd should receive messages from OSC\Pilot.
I have BOME network enabled, and i can easily connect two TouchOSCs, but when it comes to OSC\Pilot i can’t see any connections in the list. Few other MIDI apps working over my network as well.
What could be the problem?

I’m not actually familiar with BOME network. If it is a regular MIDI device then it should just show up in the MIDI device list. If it’s not then it must be something slightly different that TouchOSC knows about but I’m not yet handling.
What do you mean ‘Few other MIDI apps working over my network’? Can you elaborate?

Bome network is an app that creates a MIDI network between PC\MAC\Android\iOS (anything where it is installed). So on the same Wi-Fi network, i can see (on PC) that i have a destination to my iPad
But then i can’t see any destinations from my iPad

(i cant attach screenshots)