Networking a few PC using resolume

Hi, I need some help.

i like to use OSC Pilot to control Resolume on a couple of PCs
My setup is:
A touchscreen laptop that runs OSC Pilot and 2 separate PC towers that each runs its own resolume.
What do I need and what do I have to do to able to control both PC from my laptop ?
I can either use MIDI or OSC .
I am just not familiar with PC networking to make this happen, how do I setup a connection between these 3 devices?
Thank you, George

You can check Bome Network Pro to send MIDI between machines connected on the same network.
No OSC yet, just MIDI but I am using it since years already and can recommend it. Combo with Bome Midi Translator can create awesome things!

Thanks for the info.
Is there a difference between Bome’s software and RTPMidi?

For OSC you can use IP address, which will broadcast the OSC messages to all machines on your local network. You can use the same OSC Address for multiple Resolume instances and they’ll both pick up the messages. You can also send OSC back to OSC/PILOT from your Resolume to the ‘Listen On Port’, and OSC/PILOT will listen to messages coming from both instances of Resolume

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Hi Malcolm,
How would you go about networking 2 resolume and the osc pilot but have the option to choose where I am sending the osc message.
Unfortunately Resolume has preset osc addresses , in this case both machines would be triggered by receiving the same message.
With midi control by changing the midi channel it is achievable but can i get around using OsC??
Also, do I need a 3rd machine that runs osc pilot to send the messages to the other 2 machines or I can use one of the PCs to also host osc pilot along with the other resolume running in the background?
Thanks , George