Connectivity issues on iPad

Hey everyone,

New to OSC, but trying to control a TouchDesigner DMX project on Mac via iPad instead of the Midifighter usb controller I normally use. Everything is routed correctly to TD & works great in practice, but I’m experiencing some lag while connected to venue wifi. I sometimes have to press buttons/sliders multiple times or just wait for them to respond in TD which isn’t ideal when I need instant feedback. Any advice on speeding up or creating my own network would be great.


OSC is based on UDP, which is an unreliable protocol. If you are missing events then likely the wifi is dropping packets. Are you able to use a wired connection instead?

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Hi Malcolm! It was the venue wifi causing issues. I ended up running an ethernet cable from my iPad to my Mac on a local network, which has provided a stable connection. Will definitely be looking into creating a private network on a router if we decide to try a wireless setup in the future though. Thanks!