0.97 Personal Buglist / Requests

0.97 Beta Bugs / Requests / QoL
Messed about for a little bit before leaving studio today, will bump / edit this when I find some more to keep this from getting messy.

August 5th

  • Using the instant transition with the same NDI on both workspaces will hang / long time to load / go blank, Construct transition seems to know its the same NDI and doesn’t reload the source
  • MIDI Assignments will reset to blank on fresh open using the last saved preset, reloading the preset to fix on the time it happened
  • Rare - see a zero midi cc signal be sent from sliders on transition. As if it got tapped right after appearing
  • exiting edit mode, will still sometimes have widgets be moved by touch and mouse inputs

Requests / QoL

  • Keyboard shortcut for swapping workspaces in performance mode (ie right / left arrows or typing workspace number with numpad and hitting enter)
  • Overview mode for seeing all Midi assignments overlayed on the widgets for quick reference rather than clicking on each individual one to check
  • maybe consider adding an undo / redo button in UI
  • Be able to assign which monitor / display the program will full screen to in settings since it seems to have a mind of its own, not following main display

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into these.

Can you elaborate on this one? The parameters are showing up blank after reloading the OSC/PILOT project?

I think this one isn’t NDI related and simply a bug with instant transitions. I’ve fixed that. Let me know if v0.97.3 when it’s posted fixes that for you.

This is now fixed also.

Referring to when you open the program the first time, it used the last preset being used, for some reason though all the midi settings were blank, was able to fix though by reloading the ui file.

Does it happen consistently when you open that file? Are you able to share the .plt file with me? You can send it to support@oscpilot.com if you wish.

It should go fullscreen on whichever monitor it’s covering the most of, are you seeing something else occuring?

I’ve had it ignore both my main monitor on start up and the monitor it starts window’d on. It seems rather random in most cases. On both the units i have it used it on

I just posted a new Pre-Release build that tweaked the fullscreen behavior. If you have a chance, let me know if the fullscreen behavior is better now: