The widget setting window in the way

When I start having widgets on the right of screen the setting tab that comes down for widget set up gets in the way. Maybe that should shift over to left when working on widgets on far right.


Yep, this is an issue for sure. Thinking about ways to make it better. It does disappear if you ‘click off’ any selected widget though, so at least you can move widgets behind it.

Yes thanks

Nick Saya


I am using OSC/Pilot mostly to send commands to cubase vi my touch screen.
I have the it set in settings to a specific network midi device in my computers. That particular network midi connection Is set to my GENERIC REMOTE set ups in cubase with handles all the commands.

That particular network midi connection is also deactivated in Cubase midi port setup so when i send a command it doesn’t effect or play an instrument.

HOWEVER I do want to be able to have a keyboard in OSC/PILOT that I can play an instrument if i want. I can enable another network midi connection on my computer’s Midi set up.

How do i assign that specific widget to just send over that new connection? I tried messing with sockets but i can’t have one socket set to one network midi connection and one socket to another….

I am on mac by the way…

Any help appreciated…

Nick Saya

Hey, I suggest routing OscP>Chataigne>Cubase and then do some research about “Module Router” :slight_smile: