Running on separate Windows Surface over network to Bitwig

Hi folks,

I am trying to configure OSC/Pilot to work over my network. I have my DAW (BitWig) on a Windows tower with no touch screen. I have configured the DrivenByMoss OSC set up and tested. It works with a local instance of OSC/Pilot just fine, with the loopMIDI app running as a virtual midi bridge.

However, I cannot OSC/Pilot messages from a touch-screen surface laptop to be received.

In Bitwig DrivenByMoss set up is as follows:
Host to Send: (which is the address of the Surface device)
Port to receive on: 8000
Port to send on: 9000

In OSC/Pilot the set up is as follows:
Project Specific (checked)
Send to port: 8000
Listen to port: 9000

I think there are actually two questions for my configuration:

  1. How to set up Bitwig & OSC/Pilot to work over my local network - I’ve checked firewall, ports look clear, but I all advise is welcome.
  2. How to send MIDI from OSC/Pilot over network to the loopMIDI or similar bridge and/or into Bitwig.

Any assistance would be very helpful! I really want to get the set up so I can jam. Currently, I have an ElectraOne and a Faderfox PC12. Both are wonderful controllers, but I want a lot more flexibility in how I set up my generative / improv rig. OSC/Pilot does 80% of my dream interface.

As an aside, I also hope to use OSC/Pilot with Cherry Audio Voltage. Now THERE is a toy that needs a lot of knobs!