FIXED: Cannot enter an equals sign into the OSC address


I am trying to interface with an LSC MantraLite lighting console that accepts OSC.

However the string required to activate the playbacks contains and equals sign (=) that cannot be input into the address field.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not currently possible?

I have included a sample from the user manual below:

For example, to play Page 1, Memory 2, Cue 3 at a level of 100% with a fade time of 4 seconds,
the OSC message becomes:



Hey, thanks for the report. This is currently not possible (a throwback to the simple keyboard we have up there). I’ll add support for this this weekend and post a build for you. Sorry about that.

I cannot type + sign in the text field on mac version (cmd+c cmd-v works)

Thanks for the reports. You can now type any ASCII character and it’ll be accepted. New build v1.6.2 is now posted.